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This website does use short-lived session cookies (small text files stored on the visitors' device) which are used to facilitate certain functionality such as user login. These first- party cookies do not contain any personal information, are not used to track you around the web, and are deleted automatically after expiry.

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See details: http://www.eacta.org/about-eacta/cookies-policy/

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This website does record access logs of every page view, including IP address and non-identifiable information such as browser version, device type, operating system and the like. These logs are stored for limited time, and are directly used for attack mitigation, technical troubleshooting and security related issues.

We may further process the logged information to generate anonymized, aggregated usage statistics - including the use of GeoIP data to identify which country/region your IP address originates from. These anonymized statistics may be stored for extended periods of time and are used to improve and adapt our services and offers.

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