Frequently asked questions

1. How do I get my username and password?

Click on "Forgot your login data?" and search for your name or personal ID. If a database entry is found, you can send an email to the address stored in the database. This email will contain a link which allows you to either choose your username and password - or to change your password, if you already had one.

If you do not receive the email, please check your spam-folder. If you suspect that the email adress stored in your account is wrong or outdated, please do not create a new account but contact us to have it changed.

Please always try searching for your account first - you might already be registered in the database, either because a colleague entered your data as a co-author to another abstract in the past, or because you were registered for a congress, or had a membership.

If the search turns up no result, switch to "create a new account" and fill out the form to register yourself with the database. You will be able to choose a username and password in the process.

2. How do I create a new abstract?

After logging in you will see choice of abstract types available for submission - each with a short explanatory description.

Simply click the "New abstract" button for the type of abstract you wish to create. You can create multiple abstracts, choosing a new type for each one.

3. How do I fill in an abstract?

Once you have created an abstract, the system will guide you through 4 steps to complete it. You can take those steps in any order you want, but you cannot submit your abstract, before all steps have been completed (see check marks in the left navigation).

Step 1: Enter title and topic
Step 2: Add authors and choose a presenter
Step 3: Fill in the body (text) of the abstract
Step 4: Confirm the affirmations / awards applications

4. Step 1: Enter title and topic

Just type or copy your abstracts title into the respective field, and pick a topic from the dropdown list.

5. Step 2: Add authors and choose a presenter

Click "add author" and enter the name of the author you wish to add. If the name was found as it might have been entered by a colleague as author for another abstract, simply click on that name to add it to your abstract.

If you cannot find an author, you can create a new entry in the authors database by filling out the form below the search results. The last name in the form will be locked to the name you searched for - to change this field you have to do another search.

After adding all authors, choose a presenter by simply clicking the 'presenter' radio button below the name of the respective author in the authors list.

You can pick each authors affiliation from the dropdown next to their name. Select "other..." to enter a new affiliation.

6. Step 3: Fill in the body (text) of the abstract

The system will provide you with multiple text boxes according to the structure of the chosen abstract type. Just type or copy your text into these text boxes.

Any formatting options you are allowed to use will be available via buttons on top of the textbox. If you are allowed to use images in your abstracts, there will be an upload button underneath the text box.

Any limitations for your abstracts (number of characters or number of words, limited amount and combined filesize for images) will be displayed to the right of the text boxes.

7. Step 4: Confirm the affirmations & award applications

Due to legal requirements you might be required to confirm certain affirmations by clicking the approriate checkboxes.
Please carefully read the text of each affirmation before confirming it.
Below you have the possibility to apply for several awards (see conference web page:

8. How do I submit my abstract?

The submit page will display the completion status of each part of your abstract (see check boxes in the left navigation!). If the abstract can not be submitted yet because some part is incomplete or missing, you will be informed about this on this page.

Below the completion status you will see a summary of the abstract you are about to submit. Please make sure everything is correct before you hit the submit button.

You do not have to submit your abstract right away. You can logout and come back later to make further changes. Please do not forget to come back and submit your abstract before the submission deadline ends.

9. Which browsers are supported?

The abstract submission operates with any current browser, including but not limited to, current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you are using a Javascript blocker make sure you do allow execution of scripts from

Using an outdated browser version that is no longer supported/updated by it's maker can lead to unexpected behavior. If you run into problems using an old browser, please update to a newer version, or use a different browser.

You can download the newest version of IE here.

Google Chrome does update automatically in the background. You can download Google Chrome here.

Newer versions of Firefox do offer automatic updates too. If you have an older version, you can download the newest Firefox here.

10. Can I make corrections to a submitted abstract?

No, once submitted an abstract cannot be edited again.
Do not submit your abstract without double-checking it for correctness.
If you are unsure, you can keep your un-submitted abstract in the system right until the submission deadline. Please do not forget to come back and submit your abstract before the deadline ends.

11. What if my question is not answered here?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the host of this submission.

Contact details can be found in lower right corner and on the login page.
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